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English and Japanese Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services in Person and over the Phone

We provide the following interpreter services in all areas of IT, Networks and Bio Nano Technologies:

  • Interpreter (English to Japanese and Japanese to English) services
    • In person (at meetings)
    • Over the phone
    • By the most technically qualified interpreter
    • On highly technical subjects

Our interpreter services are professional and of excellent quality.

  • Preparation
    • Prior to proving interpreter services, our interpreter will meet a clinet in person and/or communicate with a client over the phone to understand client's need for interpreter services and to acquire necessary background and context. 
    • When needed, our interpreter provides necessary background in U.S. business practices and culture.
  • Interpretation during the meeting
    • Our interpreter provides professional interpreter services during the meeting.
  • Post meeting wrap up
    • Our interpreter provides a summary of the meeting.
    • Upon request and for additional fees, our interpreter provides a written summary of the meeting.

Qualifications of Interpreters

Company President, Dr. Suda, will provide interpreter services.  He

  • is bilingual
  • has resided in the U.S. since 1982
  • has a Ph.D degree
  • is an expert in IT, Networks and Bio-Nano Technology
  • is familiar with both US and Japanese business and culture.
  • has over 30 years of experience in higher education and consulting.


Fees for Interpretation Services

Duration Hourly Rate
A Half Day (3 hours) $350 an hour
A Full Day (8 hours) $325 an hour
2 Days (16 hours) and
3 Days (24 hours)
$300 an hour
Longer than 3 Days Please contact us either using Contact Form or at info@tatsuyasuda.com for free estimate. 

  • Time includes hours spent for prepration meetings with clients, interpretation during the meeting, post meeting wrap up.

Additional fees

  • When applicable, there are additional fees (such as travel fees, cost of transportation and lodging). Please contact us either using Contact Form or at info@tatsuyasuda.com for details.

Free fee estimate

  • We provide free estimate.  Please contact us either using Contact Form or at info@tatsuyasuda.com
  • Please be assured that free estimate is absolutely free and no obligations.

Meeting clients’ budgetary requirements

  • We are flexible and ready to suggest different types of services that meet diverse budgetary requirements of our clients.

Suggested Service Packages and Discounts

  • If you choose one of our service packages, you will receive 10% discount.


Dr. Tatsuya Suda

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