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Research Services: Overview

We perform high quality research in-house on behalf of clients in all areas of IT, Networks and Bio Nano Technologies.

  • at an afforable cost
  • using our researchers and engineers

Please contact us either using Contact Form or at info@tatsuyasuda.com for details and fees for performing research.

Current and Past Research Projects: Overview

A List of Example Research Projects

Description of Example Research Projects

We has been actively involved in networks research, research in the intersection of biology and computer science, and social networks and bullying research for over 30 years.

In networks research, we have been designing, analyzing and implementing network systems which allow high speed transport of multimedia information between end-users.

  • Our research collectively addresses a complete view of the network,
    • from the network substrate
      • high speed networks and wireless networks to allow high speed information transfer through a network
    • to end-system issues
      • end-to-end communication architectures to allow end-systems to process information at a speed compatible with that of networks
    • to distributed applications
      • design frameworks for flexible and evolvable network applications
  • Our research methodology include
    • theoretical performance modeling, analysis, and simulation,
    • empirical design, implementation, and experimentation,

Examples of our research in networks include

    • Sensor networks
      • We developed a number of distributed and self-organizing algorithms for highly dynamic and large scale sensor networks.
    • Internet resource allocation
      • We developed various resource allocation and traffic control mechanisms for the Internet.

In "research in the intersection of biology and computer science" we have been researching fundamental research issues common to biology and computer science. Two examples from our research in the intersection of biology and computer science are

  • Projects that design and implement nano scale computing and communication systems using biological materials.
    • Molecular Communication for Biological Nanomachines
      • Molecular communication is a new research area that we created through collaboration with multiple research partners.
      • It uses biological mechanisms at the cell and molecule levels to enable communication among biological nanomachines.
  • Projects that apply biological concepts to networks and network applications

In "social networks and bullying" research we and our collaborators consider bullying using digital communication media (e.g., social networks, cell phones, short messaging systems, emails, blogs) and create a sociology-based network application framework to understand bullying and to help identify whether bullying may exist among students.

Please note that the above examples are not an exhaustive list of our projects and that they are to illustrate breadth and depth of our recent research.

Please also see this web site for additional examples of our past research.


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