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Sensor Networks

We (and our collaborators) have developed a number of distributed and self-organizing algorithms for highly dynamic and large scale sensor networks. Key features of our algorithms include not requiring a central controller and each sensor making its own decision based on the information locally available.. These features of the algorithms make sensor networks scalable and adaptable to a dynamically changing network environment.

For instance, we (and our collaborators) developed a distributed and self-organizing algorithm to allow sensors to monitor a given geographical area with as few sensors as possible [1]. The algorithm assumes a network of a large number of sensors with limited power. A new measure of sensor’s monitoring contribution is introduced in the developed algorithm. More sensors monitor a given geographical point in the area, less monitoring contribution each of the monitoring sensor has. The developed algorithm selectively activates a group of sensors based on their contribution to monitoring of the area.  Through simulations, we (and our collaborators) have shown that the developed algorithm significantly improves the energy efficiency of sensors and reduces communication overhead among sensors to maintain monitoring of a given area, while achieving robustness against sensor failures.

We (and our collaborators) have also developed distributed and self-organizing algorithms to allow moving sensors to coordinate and provide a given level of area coverage, to allow scalable retrieval of a large amount of sensor data in the network [2], and to enable tracking of a mobile target and detecting of intruders approaching a target.

Selected Papers in Sensor Networks

[1] J. Lu, L. Bao and T. Suda, “Coverage-Aware Sensor Engagement in Dense Sensor Networks,”  the Journal of Embedded Computing (JEC), Special Issue on Embedded System Optimization, Vol.3 No.1, 2009.

[2] J. Lu, Y. Pan, S. Yamamoto and T. Suda, “Robust Data Dissemination for Wireless Sensor Networks in Hostile Environments,” Springer Book on Sensor Nets, Vol.2, pp. 145 - 165, 2009.


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