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Technology-Support Services (Short Courses)

We provide short courses in all areas of IT, Networks and Bio Nano Technologies.

These courses will be held

  • privately atclients’ site (if there are multiple individuals taking the course from the same company), or
  • publicly at various venues (such as a hotel and a conference).

We also work with our clients and develop a new course and/or customize existing courses based on our clients’ needs, when our clients have strong need for such new and/or customized courses.

Coming Soon

Short Courses

  • Research in Intersection of Biology and Computer Science
    • Nano-Scale Bio Computing and Communication
  • Social Networks and Internet Marketting Basics
    • How to be found on Social Networks and the Internet

Please contact us either using Contact Form or at info@tatsuyasuda.com for details and fees for the above consulting services.


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