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Partners Wanted – Stop Bullying, Help Japan Recover from the Earthquake

We are known for our passion for our positive personality, innovative research, and significant service to the professional society and local community.

We are especially concerned with the following urgent social issues:

  • Bullying in schools, work place and cyber space
    • As an educator, I have seen and experienced negative impact of bullying. We have been working on a project to understand bullying with a hope to develop a framework to identify possible situations where students are involved in bullying.  
  • Recovering from the 2011 earthquake in Japan
    • Most of our family members in Japan live in Fukushima and Kantou areas and have been impacted by the earthquake. We have been discussing possible projects to help Japan recover from the earthquake.

We are looking for partners with the same concerns.

Please contact us either using Contact Form or at info@tatsuyasuda.com, if you are interested in teaming up with us.



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