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Technology-Support Services (Developing and Writing Proposals and Papers)

Based on our 30 years of research experience in higher education and developing a large number of successful proposals and scientific papers, we are very proud to provide the following services.

We help clients develop and write:

  • highly technical papers
    • for scientific and professional conferences and journals such as IEICE, IPSJ, IEEE and ACM
  • highly technical proposals
    • for funding agencies such as Japanese and US Governmental Agancies
  • general technical documents and manuals

We help clients in each and every phase:

  • Conception Phase
    • To identify key technology topics
    • To identify new research questions
    • To build hypothesis
    • To identify approaches
    • To identity related research
  • Development Phase
    • To develop research questions and hypothesis
    • To develop approaches
    • To develop solutions (e.g., algorithms, architectures designs)
    • To develop models (analytical, simulation)
    • To develop plans for empirical study
    • To carry out analysis, simulation and empirical research
  • Writing Phase
    • To clearly present research questions and hypothesis, approaches, related research and research results.
    • To remove possible technical deficiencies in the technical arguments to present

Please contact us either using Contact Form or at info@tatsuyasuda.com for details and fees for the above consulting services.


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